Burden Of The Sky

Burden of the Sky is an Alternative Metal/Rock band based out of Bloomington, Illinois. Formed by guitarist Josh Appel and Bradford Shaw in 2010, the lineup was completed in March of 2015 with the addition of Brian Barry on vocals, Rick Streeter on drums, Dustin Tritsch on bass, and Michael Mahoney on keyboards. The completed lineup entered the studio immediately to begin work on their debut album. 

The debut album ‘Cinis Ad Cinis’ was produced, mixed and mastered by award winning Nashville Producer/Engineer Colt Capperrune of Dark River Studios. Says Capperrune, “Working on an album like “Cinis ad Cinis” makes my job as a Producer easy. The songs were extremely strong just the way the band brought them to me.”

 Adding to the team in late 2016, Illinois talent buyer Jason Williams to manage the band. “I had these guys on a show a few years ago. I gave them some pointers and they went on their way. Then in 2016, Josh hit me up and said the record was done and they are ready to roll. I went to another show of theirs and was instantly hooked. These guys are for real.” 
Now teamed with Pavement Entertainment for the release of their debut album “Cinis Ad Cinis”, Burden of the Sky is a band not to be missed.

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