Ghost of Judas

Ghost of Judas came together in 2015 in Burlington, Iowa with just 4 guys that had the same goal musically. That goal was to create an experience for people who wanted to see a “Live” hard-edged metal band, that would play their favorite songs from the 1980’s to current rock. Ghost of Judas is not your normal cover band nor are they a tribute, rather they are an “In Your Face” come and get you metal experience. They play the songs that most other bands are afraid to touch, As lead singer Curry Bernand quotes; It is “Unapologetic rock”. 

Vocalist Curry Bernand, Guitar wizard Dom Jones, Bassist Kurt Wooldridge, & Percussionist Jason “The Vanilla Gorilla” Sink, lead their audiences through a one of a kind rock and roll experience. Paying homage to such acts as Guns N Roses, Poison, Pop Evil, Quiet Riot, Journey, Motley Crue and many others. Ghost of Judas brings the audience and venue to life. Its as if you are really attending a rock concert not just watching your average bar band. 

When you attend a Ghost of Judas show you can always expect antics…occasionally you will see the last member of the band back on the stage submitting to a “Beer Bong” to pay off their debt. Sometimes you will see guest appearances from some of rocks elite, well at least they will look like some of rocks most elite, adding to the excitement of the show. Ghost of Judas prides themselves in putting on a concert not just playing a show and this hard-edged band of brothers is sure to satisfy your need for rock and roll. 

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